CASH OUT from 10am-6pm

Max Redeem per deposit:

šŸ’°$100 Max (load under $20)

šŸ’°$150 Max (load under $30)

šŸ’°$200 Max (load under $50)

šŸ’°$250 Max (load under $75)

šŸ’°$300 Max (load under $100)

šŸ’°$400 Max (load under $150)

šŸ’°$500 Max (load under $200)

šŸ’°$1000 Max (load under $300)

Daily Bonus

ā€¢ $200 Max Redeem (claim daily with 0 balance)

Weekly Bonus

ā€¢ $500 Max Redeem (claim weekly with 0 balance)

Any points exceeding Max Redeem above will be cleared.

Must fill out Player Authorization form before you may successfully withdraw.

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